Project Examples


Plant Construction

Company: German daughter company of a stock listed multi-industry company from Switzerland. Market segment: Pumps industry. Turnover of EUR 30 million, 180 employees

Task formulation: Responsible for the execution of closure despite of a three years existing employment guarantee. Negotiations with the works council and the union for a balance of interests and social plan. Maintaining of the output of production during the negotiations of the closure. Buildung up and establishment of an internal job placement platform for the site as part of a regional occupation alliance.

Function: CEO

Zeitraum: 10 months

Mechanical Engineering and Plant Construction

Company: A technologically leading supplier of industrial furnaces for the melting and holding of aluminium worldwide. Turnover of EUR 20 million, 100 employees

Task formulation: Responsible for the rehabilitation as well as strategic reorientation of the group of companies – establishment of an independent production site in China, corporate acquisition in order to extend the value chain, outsourcing of the service activities into an independent legal entity

Function: CEO

Period: 3 years

Timber Processing Industry

Company: A world leading sawmill. Turnover of EUR 600 million, 1,400 employees

Task formulation: Responsibility for the areas of Accounting, Controlling, IT and Human Resources. Operative and financial restructuring

Function: CFO / Chief Restructuring Officer

Period: 11 months

Consumer Goods Industry

Company: A furnace manufacturer in Germany. Turnover of EUR 70 million, 600 employees

Task formulation: Responsibility for the areas of Production & Logistics as well as the entire Commercial Operations (Accounting, Controlling, IT, Human Resources and Purchasing). Preparation of the next family generation for the company succession. Operative restructuring as well as mentoring in the strategic reorientation (“Green Company”)

Function: Chief Representative

Period: 8 months

Mechanical Engineering and Plant Construction

Company: A Leading supplier of processing plants for gravel and sand processing. Turnover of EUR 30 million, 160 employees

Task formulation: Rehabilitation as well as amalgamation with a foreign competitor

Function: Chief Representative

Period: 13 months

Dental Industry

Company: An internationally operating company that manufactures and distributes medical equipment for dental laboratories and dentists. Turnover of EUR 30 million, 115 employees

Task formulation: Restructuring of the core business and merger with a strategic partner. Involvement of a financial investor focused on the midmarket segment

Function: Chair of the Executive Management

Period: 14 months

Plant Construction

Company: A leading European supplier of canteen kitchen systems as well as a manufacturer of components for gastronomy equipment. Turnover of EUR 90 million, 650 employees

Task formulation: Reorientation of the commercial systems, mentoring of the foreign subsidiaries (Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czechia, England, Netherlands and France), implementation of the personnel-related change measures

Function: CFO

Period: 16 months

IT Industry

Company: A leading European provider of software quality management and software testing in the IT service market. Turnover of EUR 50 million, 500 employees

Task formulation: Redimensioning of the group of companies, which had further locations in England, Austria, Switzerland and Spain. Strategic repositioning within the high-margin top-price segment (IT & Quality Governance)

Function: Restructuring Management

Period: 18 months

Various Consultancy Mandates

Companies: Cross-sectoral

Task formulation: Responsible for the elaboration of continuation forecasts and the reviewing of rehabilitation concepts. Grosz Brothers can look back on the experience resulting from far more than fifty consultancy mandates

Function: Top Management Consultancy

Period: since 1993