Setting Goals, Defining Strategic Cornerstones and Establishing the Operative and Financial Capacity to Act as Quickly as Possible!

Restructuring situations place high demands on the management of the company affected. The timeframe for action is limited. The pressure to introduce measures for rescuing the company is tremendous.

We prepare continuation forecasts for our clients as a basis for decisions of investors and creditors. We define immediate measures, for example to secure the liquidity. We moderate discussions with the parties involved (creditors, owners, staff, clients, suppliers) in order to restore confidence in the company’s capacity to act. We assume co-responsibility by actively accompanying the implementation of a restructuring / rehabilitation concept as a corporate body within the scope of an interim management.

We have particular experience in restructuring situations in family companies. In many cases, a company crisis goes hand in hand with a family crisis. Therefore, not only the painful operative challenges have to be met here, but also the conflicts within the family have to be mastered.