Strategic Reorientation

With a clear strategic alignment, companies remain on a sustainable revenue and growth path.

Together with the client, we analyse the strategic initial situation and determine the position of the company in its market and competitive environment. For strategic changes such as targeted growth initiatives, we elaborate catalogues of measures and implement these together with the client in the context of a road map.

In order to ensure the sustainability of strategies, the strategic objectives have to be anchored in the organisation of the company. This can be achieved through the introduction of target agreements or the implementation / adaptation of existing incentive and remuneration systems. In any case, this requires an accompanying communication concept in order to keep all parties involved in the strategy process informed on the implementation activities in a timely manner.

Our methodology is based on the usage of classic strategy models. We combine this know-how with our many years of practical experience, which we gathered in senior executive positions in companies from diverse sectors.