Management and creative services for people, organisations and companies

Success cannot be taken for granted. It is the result of work, experience and perseverance. However, to actually remain successful in the long term, we need to develop and change. Everything together needs a professional structure so that economic success can develop on a solid foundation and yet a business idea never stands still.

Advice and implementation

Grosz Brothers work for companies that want to increase their earning power, overcome a crisis that threatens their existence, seek strategic as well as financial partnerships or pursue innovative paths for profitable growth. We do this as an advisor, sparring partner or coach, but in most cases as part of a temporary management team with implementation experience.

We moderate change processes and communicate with the company’s stakeholders to bring all parties involved together. Communication – especially conflict management – is our core competence.

Grosz Brothers specialise in family businesses from industry, culture and creative industries and knows the specific conflict situations of family, property and business. In this environment of tension, we are experienced solution managers and mediators of different interests of individual actors.

We prepare the way for creative people to achieve economic success. Our commitment applies to both the commercial / entrepreneurial aspects and the sharpening of an individual personality profile.

Corporate investments

In the areas of wind energy systems, additive manufacturing, business succession and cultural operations, Grosz Brothers own shares in companies and supports them in their day-to-day operational and strategic business.