Metropolitan Solutions is the dialogue platform relating to strategies and solutions for the expansion and development of urban infrastructure. At the fair held from 20 – 22 Mai 2015 in Berlin, Grosz Brothers were, as representative of a leading superstructure manufacturer for utility vehicles, among others participant in the conference “Electromobility – Globally Connected”. For the same reason, Grosz Brothers also attended the “National Conference on Electromobility“ in Berlin, which we were invited to on 15 und 16 June 2015.

StageISetIScenery is the leading trade fair for theatre specialist planning, film, stage, light, sound, video and media technology. It was held from 9 – 11 June 2015 in Berlin. On 16 June 2015, the Austrian futurologist Andreas Reiter lectured in the context of a full-day seminar in Mannheim on the Trends in the Event Industry. Both events were attended by Grosh Brothers on behalf of a client, who currently conceptualises a format for cabaret performances, which is up to now unique on the theatre sector.